David McCampbell Bio


I was born in West Palm Beach, Florida USA in 1955 and attended Catholic schools through 12th grade.  After graduating from Wake Forest University with a bachelor's degree in psychology and from Appalachian State University with a master's degree in counseling, I began my career as a mental health counselor in community mental health centers in north Florida.  Over the next nine years I worked in public and private mental health facilities, was a partner in a private counseling center, and provided Employee Assistance Program consulting to businesses and labor organizations in southeast Florida.  In 1987 I began working for BellSouth as an Employee Assistance Program administrator.  From then until retirement in 2017 from AT&T I held various corporate human resources positions.


Kiwanis Family Involvement


In 9th grade, at age 14, I joined the Kiwanis sponsored organization, Key Club, where I was an active member and club leader until graduation.  In college I joined the related organization, Circle K International or CKI, in the two universities I attended and held several club and district leadership positions.  Soon after graduating I helped establish the Kiwanis Club of Starke, Florida in 1979 and have been a Kiwanis International member in various clubs since.  My most rewarding experiences in Kiwanis have been my work with CKI and Key Club, which has given me an opportunity to mentor teens and young adults to develop their service leadership skills and their desire to serve their fellow human beings.  It has also given me great hope for our future as I have witnessed these future leaders in action who truly care for our world and can change it for the better.




As a Christian I have come to understand that what God primarily expects of me is to serve the least among us.  God has blessed me in this life far beyond what I deserve.  Since to whom much has been given, much is required (Lk 12:48), I have some work to do.  My Kiwanis experiences and my faith journey have taught me that the two greatest callings we have in this life are to teach and to serve, and the greatest of these is to serve.


By attempting to accomplish the "Explorers Grand Slam", I hope to draw attention to a project that is helping Haitians gain self-sufficiency and financial independence.  Sadly, Haiti is the poorest country in my hemisphere.  But throwing money at a problem rarely leads to a permanent solution; teaching others to solve their problems and getting them started with the right tools always hold the best promise of a lasting solution.  The funds raised through this project will accomplish a lasting change for the better for our Haitian brothers and sisters (see Who Benefits for more information).  


At the end of this project, I trust God will lead me to others way to serve.

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